Sunday, October 4, 2009

New York City serenade

You couldn't really ask for a better home opener than the one the Rangers had last night. The fans were excited to be back and they're playing a new, aggresive game. I predict good things if Gaborik stays healthy, he's already clicking with Dubinsky. And it was so great to see Del Zotto's first NHL goal, he's 19 and you could tell he was so excited.

Overheard in NYC/game:
Well if he's going to send you a picture of his penis...
You ask a guy with all the money in the world if he's happy and he'll lie and tell you he is. It won't make him happy and it won't make you either.
Don't be touching my honey (girl next to me after a goalie interference penalty on Lundqvist)

On the drive home all the stations were playing Bruce since he's doing a string of concerts at the Meadowlands. Speeding past the foggy lights after a great Ranger game blasting the music of the only man who will ever understand me I thought to myself, there are worse things than being stuck in New Jersey.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blogs posts

Here are a couple more posts I wrote for work the other day:


TMI Weekly

Yesterday at work I researched zombies. Sick.

Monday, September 28, 2009

New York City, the incomparable, the brilliant star city of cities.

Last week I went into the city six straight days. Monday started out, on a whim, going to the Rangers pre-season game con mi padre and ended up meeting Mike Richter. Mike Richter has been my favorite hockey player since I was six. Needless to say I was a little excited. Then the next two days I went in and started my internship, which as I stated earlier, I really like so far. I even met my friend for lunch on Thursday. She's doing an internship a couple blocks away from me which is really convenient. It as so ordinary but it made me realize just how badly I want to live and work in New York. Even just walking back and forth from Penn Station makes my day.

Friday I went out in the city again. There was an NU alumni event and I met up with the same friend I had lunch with. Heading back to Penn Station around 12:30, the streets were packed, the Chrysler Building was sparkling and I couldn't help but smile. Uncontrollable smiling happened when I was with Boston, but it was usually because of the people I was with, not where I was. I loved my time in Boston and I made some great friends, but in New York, I'm positive I could have great friends and be ecstatic about the place I'm living every day.

And now for the favorite part of my day:
On the way back from yoga it was raining but the sky was pale orange. And I saw the brightest, biggest rainbow I've ever seen. It stretched across the whole sky, and it looked like it was blending in with the rest of the sky, making it pink. And when I looked in my rearview mirror, the sky looked gold.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

First week of internship

So this week I started a new internship at Next New Networks in NYC. I go in Tuesdays and Wednesdays and I do marketing and communications outreach. Yesterday I got to write a couple blog posts, here is one of them:

Paranormal Activity on IndyMogul

It's only been two days but I really like it so far. On Tuesday I was eaten by a zombie which was fun, it was the first time I've ever used fake blood. I should've kept it on to see if anyone on the train would've said anything.

I really want to get this blog started again so I think linking to my other work would be a good place to start. I also need to write a post about how I met Mike Richter the other night aka the greatest day ever.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

ProPeru second week

So I´m coming to the close of my second week here in Urubamba, Peru. Things have been going really well so far. My project is working with children in Frida´s Place which is a kind of afterschool program for the kids to come to. A lot of the children have to travel pretty far to get to school, so Frida provides them with a place to stay. My assignment is to teach them as much as I can about the environment.

I was pretty intimidated by my assignment since my spanish isn´t great. The ProPeru office has a binder filled with really good environmental lessons by previous volunteers that were taught in schools. However I was nervous to try and go into too much depth with them since I wasn´t confident in my ability to explain the concepts, or in answering any questions the children might´ve had. So another volunteer and I came up with some other basic lesson plans to do with the children.

The first couple of days we learned that the children really liked coloring, maps and books. We tried to structure our lessons around this knowledge. For one of our first lessons, we had flash cards of different land forms, like mountains, forests and beaches and asked the children to identify them. We then asked them where on the map these places could be found. The children really seemed to enjoy pointing out locations on the map. We then had them draw some of their favorite animals and indicate in which land type they thought they lived. They chose the correct places and seemed to enjoy the activity.

In other lessons we continued to focus on animals and taught the children the different classifications of animals. We went over mammals, reptiles and birds and cut out pictures of these animals and had the children tape the animals to the correct classifications. We also liked to start the lessons with a book to put the children in the right mindset to listen and end each lesson with a game.

Earlier in the week more volunteers came who will be working with me at Frida´s Place. Their spanish is much better than mine so I´m excited to be able to focus more on the environment with the children. The children are really receptive to the activities and have a lot of energy and are a ton of fun to be around.

Urubamba is gorgeous. Everywhere you look there are beautiful green mountains. My commute to Frida´s Place takes about 30 minutes on the bus and is a 15 minute walk up a hill to the house. It´s my favorite part of the day. The view is gorgeous and is a great way to get exercise.

Every Tuesday all the volunteers cook dinner together in the ProPeru office which is a great way to get to know the other volunteers. We´ve gone out a couple of times and I´ve been lucky to be placed with a great group of people. Last weekend a couple of us went on a hike which was one of the most beautiful I´ve ever been on. I´ve hiked in the jungle and it´s basically all green but here there were flowers, ancient trees with moss growing on them and a ton of birds flying over head. When we got to the top there was a huge lake surrounded by ancient jagged mountains that looked like something out of Lord of the Rings.

This weekend we´re visiting some ruins and hitting up the Pisaq market which is supposed to be Peruvian famous I believe. I´m definitely going to put a big dent in my wallet there. That´s all I have for now, hopefully I will have time to update more next week about the new project I´ll be taking on starting tomorrow!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

why I fall more in love with Jon Stewart everyday

Here is a wonderous clip of Jon Stewart talking about yet another Republican Presidential Candidate debate last night. 24 is a good show, it shouldn't be political idealogy. And I think it would be terrifying if Jack Bauer ACTUALLY worked for the government.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

3:00 a.m. - 4:00 a.m.

So I skipped recapping the last two episodes because I’m lazy. But this one is worth a recap.

The episode begins back at CTU where Morris respectfully puts his jacket over what’s left of Milo’s head. Josh is being taken away by the Chinese and Marilyn is FLIPPING OUT. If I was head Chinese terrorist guy I totally would’ve shot her in the head. But Jack saves her life by telling the Chinese guy that he can calm her down. He then thanks the Chinese guy for giving him this opportunity. I love it when Jack snarls “thank you.” He comforts her by putting her in a chokehold. It’s really hard to type with fake nails. Josh is whisked away down the sewer.

The Chinese are about to roll out so they break up the CTU minions into two groups to lock them away. Jack is in group two and he falls in line next to Nadia. He reiterates, in case Nadia hasn’t been paying attention, that if they get locked up they will lose their chance of recovering the circuit board. He then tells her they have to try and escape but that they probably won’t make it out alive. Nadia’s down with that. I originally thought that Jack said, “I might not even go through with it,” because he’s snarling again and I had to rewind it. That would’ve been a very un-Jack Bauer thing to say. Chloe comes up and asks what they’re talking about which I thought was hilarious. She said it as if Jack and Nadia were just gossiping on their lunch hour. Anyway. Jack gives Nadia the signal and they both attack the closest Chinese person. Morris gets in on the action too and I think Nadia snaps some guy’s neck. Jack chokes the head terrorist with the guys own gun strap! It’s sick. Meanwhile, Nadia has a gun aimed at her head while Jack and Morris look on helplessly. Nadia has taken down two Chinese guys by herself, Jack’s taken down maybe three and Morris is still struggling with his first one. Come on Morris. A bullet takes down the guy who has Nadia and we see that Doyle and his CTU buddies have returned in the nick of time.

Jack and Doyle decide to go after Josh, knowing that the Chinese taking him must have something to do with the circuit board. Nadia allows Jack to be released from custody and off they go. But not before Jack gives Nadia a “great job.” Getting a “great job” from Jack is worth Jack’s weight in gold.

In the Chinese tunnel, Josh is returned to Cheng. Cheng is more than a little confusing to me. Isn’t he a high-ranking diplomat? Didn’t he have to take International Relations in college? He should know that stealing circuit board chips, taking hostages at a government facility and kidnapping isn’t good for Chinese relations. He’s such a renegade. So he gets Josh and calls Poppa Bauer. Phillip would like to talk to Josh. He explains to him that he wants to take Josh to live with him in the land of China because no one will ever forgive him for his father’s crimes. Phillip has apparently never been to the United States because that happens all the time. Phillip says in ten years the Chinese will surpass the U.S. in everything to which my thinking is Phillip will probably be dead in ten years time because he’s really old. Josh’s response to this is “I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about,” which cracked me up. Phillip sighs at his grandson’s stupidity and tells him he’s going anyway. Last week’s episode, while it was entertaining, didn’t make any sense to me. I didn’t understand while Phillip couldn’t just wait until Josh and Marilyn leave CTU in the morning and then go see him himself. But the fact that he wants to take him to China kind of made more sense. Marilyn would’ve never been down with that.

After Josh hangs up with grandpa, Cheng throws him in the car to meet Phillip to exchange the boy for the circuit board. Josh whines to Cheng about being afraid of his grandpa and not wanting to go to stupid China and he never wanted to go on this stupid trip anyway. As they’re starting to leave, Jack creeps up from the hole in the sewer and starts shooting. Jack, Doyle and random agents start taking down the Chinese in an awesome shoot-out. Jack doesn’t even bother using both hands when firing his weapon. He also SLIDES ON THE FLOOR and shoots and kills a scary man. One of the best kills of the season.

Josh and Cheng get out of the car and start running. Josh turns around and kicks Cheng in the chests, which is more evidence that he’s Jack’s son. Or maybe Doyle’s, they all look so similar. I love the Ivy League outfit Josh is wearing. Josh falls and is dangling by a chain when Jack catches up with Cheng, and obviously starts yelling at him. But Josh is about to fall, because he’s a wuss, so Jack chooses to save him. Unfortunately, this gives Cheng ample time to escape. Josh tells Jack what his grandfather is planning, and Jack tells Doyle that his father is in fact still involved.

Your father’s involved with the Chinese? Why? – Doyle
I don’t know. I’ll ask him when I find him. - Jack Bauer

I can’t wait until Jack kills his dad. Speaking of dad, during his escape, Cheng calls Phillip to tell him Jack has Josh again. Phillip tells him, no son no chip and Cheng throws a hissy fit.

Back in Washington, Daniels is explaining to Karen about Lisa and how Lennox is watching the undercover operation. We then go back to Lennox who is still in the van watching Lisa and the spy get it on for upwards of half an hour now, even though last time the bumped uglies, it only took a commercial break.

And finally, we’re done. – Lennox

Lennox is officially my favorite character. Lisa excuses herself into the bathroom and spy guy goes to her PDA as planned. He looks like he’s about to download the planted information, but then changes his mind and doesn’t. When Lisa comes back spy guy is very suspicious towards her and Lisa breaks a wine bottle over his head. This is my dream. At some point in my life I really want to do that, it looks like so much fun. But spy guy doesn’t think its fun and he starts to choke her. The guards finally come in, but I really think they should’ve been closer so they could come in if things went badly, which they very much did. Lisa has a “faint pulse” and is loaded into an ambulance.

Lennox goes in to talk to spy guy and explains to him that he has to pass on the falsified information to his contact if he doesn’t want to receive the death penalty. Spy guy decides that’s a good deal.

Lennox gets back to the White House in four and a half minutes and Daniels and Karen are meeting with President Subarov. Daniels tells Subarov that the circuit board chip was destroyed in a raid by CTU. Subarov isn’t buying it though and does some mad trash talking to Daniels. If Daniels doesn’t give him proof in two hours time (how convenient, that’s how many episodes are left in the season!) that the chip is destroyed he’s blowin shit up. Holy shit Buffalo just scored 9 seconds into the game. I hope they get swept. Sorry.

Back on track. Lennox tells the rest of the people in Daniels’ office need to bounce so him, Daniels and Karen can be alone. It’s weird that they’re BFFs now. Lennox explains that Phillip Bauer is on the line. Phillip says that he has the circuit board chip and he’ll exchange it if he can leave the country with his grandson. Daniels is skeptical that it’s the real chip, so Phillip tells him the serial number. Luckily Lennox has a blueprint of the chip on his PDA and the serial number is blinking without any human input. The three musketeers consider it, Karen is not down. She says that Phillip can’t be trusted and that he’s a sociopath. Daniels asks Lennox what he thinks and he goes “well he IS a sociopath” which is hilarious. Lennox has been on point with the one-liners tonight. But Lennox is down with the plan; he thinks innocent children are good bargaining chips when dealing with national security. Daniels gets CTU on the phone.

Jack is with Josh and he is preparing to bring him back to CTU. An agent tells him that Marilyn wants to talk to him and he goes to take the call. As he’s walking away, Doyle takes Josh away in a helicopter. Someone ALWAYS gets Jack with the “there’s a call for you that you have to take far away from everyone you know.” Jack flips out and it takes like 9 agents to hold him back, which is completely unrealistic, no amount of CTU agents can hold Jack down. And after that one episode where Doyle was cool because he let Jack go chat with Audrey, he is again a tool. Congrats.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Ok so even though the Rangers season is over, I can't stop myself from sharing this gorgeous picture. I'm hoping to get myself back into blogging mode, starting tomorrow with a recap of 24. I've been too busy sitting on my ass and watching I Love New York 2 (I personally hope "New York" never finds love b/c I can't get enough of that show) and hockey to bring myself to be witty and write anything. But I should get myself back into it to keep myself practicing writing.